About the SKY orthopedic clinic

The SKY orthopedic clinic is specialized in orthopedic surgery,and the patients can be hospitalized and can operated. SKY Orthopedic Clinic is located at the 1st floor of the Ibaraki-Higashi Hankyu building adjacent to the Hankyuu Ibaraki-shi station.

Our clinic is a novel concept clinic specialized in orthopedic surgery,having 5 beds, and equipped with newest operation instruments.

Our speciality includes pediatric orthopedic ,hand surgery,general orthopedic, deformity correction and bone lenrthenity (ilizarov method) .

The orthopedic surgery deals mainly with the locomotive system like the bone, the ligament, the muscle, and the peripheral nerve, etc.

This field covers wide range, of the locomotive organ from the neck to the fingers and toes.

As a rule, the operations only for the cosmetic purpose are not performed in the orthopedics department at time though cosmetic surgery (plastic surgery) that makes to a double eyelid, or raises the nose might often be confused with the orthopedics.

The goal of the orthopedic surgery is functional restoration of the locomotive system .


Seikei-geka” is called orthopedic surgery in English. This term is originated from the study that corrects the child's deformity the word pedi -(meaning of infant) was joined to word ortho (meaning of correctional ). I think that I symbolize the concept of the infant orthopedics department study of adding the correction to help this to grow up correctly well though the symbol of the orthopaedic surgery bundles a curved tree to a straight stick and is used the picture put up.

That is, the orthopedic tree (the symbol of orthopedic surgery) ,which represents a curved tree bundled to a straight bar,will illustrates the concept of the pediatric orthopedics which helps pediatric skeltons to grow correctly be condensed to the pediatric orthopaedic surgery.

For years we have studied the pediatric orthopedics in shiga center for children in shiga prefecture. During the period,we have come to realize that the medical correct diagnosis and treatment in their childhood make a big influence on a motor function in their lifetime.

Let me show you one example.

Congenital dislocation of the hip is one of the most popular condition in pediatric orthopedics, developmental when discovered in the appropriate timing, and treated correctly, almost 100% when overlocked or initial treatment not properly done, the patients will be left with irreducible complications,or prolonged treatment. In other words, failure in the initial manegemant often results in permanent seguelae.

However, there is unexpectedly little symptom in the infant and juvenile period even if a considerable problem is left for the hip joint. There is often what to notice abnormality come of age, appear coxalgia and the unbalance, etc. , and found for the first time in my hip joint. It is said that there are quite a lot of degenerative hip diseases that there is a cause in the dislocation of the hip of such an infancy (transformable groin arthropathy) in Japan. Most was and there was a previous history of the congenital dislocation of the hip though the operation on the total hip replacement was performed every week when I was training in Kyoto University.

Because the movement machine disease of the infant period like this will often influence during the future, it ..doing.. is a motto of the staff we of skyclinic from the infant to the adult overall as for the diagnosis and treatment by all age groups. do to the back ground of the knowledge of the infant orthopedics department study.

It is not until hip pain or limp develop in adulthood that they notice that they have some problem in their hips.


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